The Science Party (Norwegian: Realistlista) is party-politically independent list. With your vote, Realistlista will make your student life at UiO even better. We are a list consisting of active students from several student organizations at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences (MN) and the Faculty of Medicine (MED). From experience we think it is important to have realistic priorities when trying to improve student life at UiO.

During the next term we are going to work with three specific issues: 

Mental health

University studies are challenging, but the challenges should be academic. One in five students experiences serious psychological distress – which is too many. The Science Party will urge SiO to prioritize mental health care. The university must also better facilitate studies for students who are ill so that they can continue their studies. Therefore, we want to make it possible for students who are ill to be first in line to select their colloquium and group activities.


The Science Party wants a broad digital strategy. It involves digitization of curriculum, teaching, examination and the administrative services. We want all instructional materials to be openly available on the webpages of each subject, which requires a greater focus on copyrights. The Science Party does not want one complete digital solution for all our challenges. Instead we urge the University to choose the best solution for each digital task and develop solutions for these to work seamlessly.

Environmentally friendly University

As Norway’s most important educational institution, it is essential that the University of Oslo is forefront and taking responsibility in climate and environment. Large parts of UiO’s capital is today invested in mutual funds, and several of these funds are heavily involved in the oil and offshore companies. According to UiO’s green strategy, the University will take a greater stance and responsibility to meet the environmental challenges of the future. UiO must provide clear ethical guidelines for the investment manager to disallow investments in fossil fuel companies. In addition, UiO’s central strategic funds must be directed towards research on clean energy, rather than research on fossil fuels.

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