The Science Party (Norwegian: Realistlista) is party-politically independent list. With your vote, Realistlista will make your student life at UiO even better. We are a list consisting of active students from several student organizations at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences (MN) and the Faculty of Medicine (MED). From experience we think it is important to have realistic priorities when trying to improve student life at UiO.

For 2018 – 2019 we will be working for proper execution of digital exams, effective teaching, and more pleasant campuses.

We demand responsible execution of digital exams!

UiO’s ambitions for digitalisation of exams are admirable. However, the digitalisation must be carried out responsibly. All exam problems must be suited for the exam format, exam supervisors must be adequately trained, and the special examination arrangements offered to students who require them must be improved.

Effective teaching

The rector team of UiO has promised better quality teaching. The Science Party will keep them to that promise. We demand free field projects, lab courses and practice from first year of study. Applying varied methods of teaching that help the students to make informed choices is important. All personnel in teaching positions must be competent in pedagogy and didactics related to their field of study, and teaching should be peer reviewed.

“Hyggelig” campus

Students who thrive on campus learn better and perform better. The Science Party wants accessible atriums, gardens that promote biodiversity, improved recycling stations, and crosswalks in heavily trafficked places on campus. Maps of UiO’s buildings must be improved to make navigating campus easier, and all rooms must have open activity calendars.

We will of course continue to push for better follow-up of first-year students, easier excange studies, and increased use of student evaluations. It takes time for policy to be put into action, and we know we need to work in a long term perspective to be heard.


Earlier years

2016 – 2017 we are working for student orientation, exchange and “your studies your choice”


The buddy week is vital to a student’s life. It is the entry to a social and academic community and paves the path onwards. But one week is not enough! A sense of community is not created overnight. We demand a focus on the first year student the whole year. Each student is to receive follow-up and guidance, both academically and personally, to ensure that they thrive and succeed.


Exchange should be safe and easy. Students currently experience problems before, during and after their exchange. Both module approvals and the application process are time consuming and stressful. That is not how it should be! We want to make it easy to go on exchange by removing the bureaucracy of the application process. That way students can enjoy a good and relevant exchange without any hassle.


As a student you should not be a passive bystander in your own education. The best education is created when students actively take part in developing their courses. Therefore student participation must be a priority so that students are listened to and taken seriously. We want student evaluations to play an important role in developing each course to ensure better study programmes.

Priorities 2015 – 2016:

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